Too often our driveways are only seen as a convenient place to park the car or as a means of getting from the road to our front door. The result can be that their appearance is often neglected. Many of us are keen to spend our spare time enhancing the appearance of our home and garden, forgetting that our driveway is more often than not the first thing people experience when they arrive. Whilst the practical requirements of any driveway are important this need not be at the expense of design and appearance.

There are several factors which will need consideration for you to get the most out of your driveway. Although the overall size will be constrained by the area available to you, our experienced driveway designers will be able to maximise the area by creative use of space. If you own a heavier vehicle such as a van or motor home it is crucial to check that the driveway you are planning will support their weight. Those of you who own caravans are probably only too aware of how manoeuvring them can cause significant damage to many surfaces. A Town and Country driveway, once sealed, is 25% harder than the surface of concrete and will be constructed to withstand the toughest challenges.

It is absolutely essential to be aware of the ongoing maintenance required by the various paving options open to you – do you want to spend the weekend enjoying your garden or weeding your drive? When choosing your driveway you will obviously have a budget in mind but it is important to be careful about opting for the lowest price if this means you end up with a driveway that will deteriorate quickly.

What is also important is that your driveway looks as attractive as possible and compliments the appearance of your home and gardens. Town and Country have an almost limitless combination of patterns and colours to choose from. This ensures that you can select a product which is in-keeping with your property as a whole and is versatile enough to incorporate a range of colours, shapes and textures.

Investing in home improvements is always money well spent, but potential buyers may never get to see your new conservatory and attractive rear garden if they are put off by the shabby driveway – ‘kerb appeal’ is very important in today’s property market.

Perhaps you are beginning to look at your own driveway in a different light. Does it really do the rest of your home justice? Have you been ignoring potholes which have been getting steadily worse? Would it be great to have the extra space to make parking less of a hassle? Are you weary of fighting a losing battle with the weeds? Perhaps it may be the right time to put your driveway on your list of forthcoming projects.

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